From October 6th to October 8th, 2023, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall in Greece hosted the Aristotle Medical Forum 2023. This prestigious conference brought together leading biomedical scientists from around the world as well as the Hellenic Medical Diaspora, creating a harmonious blend of expertise and innovation.

At its core, the Aristotle Medical Forum 2023 aimed to navigate the cutting edge of medical science, embracing a spectrum that extended from Artificial Intelligence to Biomedicine and Biomaterials. It serveas a dynamic platform for experts to exchange knowledge and ideas, fostering the growth of this field.

Dr. Yorgos Skretas, the Director of the Institute of Bio-Innovation at BSRC Alexander Fleming presented a talk titled “Bacteria to the rescue: engineering microorganisms to function as an early-stage living drug discovery platform for protein misfolding diseases”.

Overall, the Aristotle Medical Forum 2023 was a gathering of some of the finest minds in the field of health and medicine. This forum provided a unique opportunity for younger scientists and academics to learn from the very best in the field and get inspired to dive deeper into the field of medical science.

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