In a recent article by Kathimerini newspaper, the pioneering efforts of seven Greek ERA Chairs, including Dr. Yorgos Skretas, the ERA Chair holder, are highlighted. Dr. Skretas, with his ambitious vision, stands at the forefront of catalyzing innovation and fostering talent in the critical field of Biomolecular Engineering and Synthetic Biology.

“Dr. Skretas’ goal is to promote excellence in the field of Biomolecular Engineering & Synthetic Biology at the BSRC Alexander Fleming, integrate basic and applied research, and boost bio-innovation and bio-entrepreneurship at the Center. Additionally, the ERA Chair holder will lead the establishment of “Biotechnopolis” – a new biotechnology hub unique in Greece and the wider Southeastern Europe region. This initiative aims to contribute to the creation of new career prospects for young researchers and reverse the brain drain trend.”

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