BSRC “Alexander Fleming” Joins ERC-Funded FRONTIERS Project as Host for Science Journalists

The “Alexander Fleming” Biomedical Sciences Research Center is the first Greek research institution to participate in the innovative European project FRONTIERS as a host for science journalists.

Funded by the European Research Council (ERC), the FRONTIERS initiative provides science journalists the opportunity to practice independent journalism by spending three to five months at a research institution within an EU Member State or a country associated with the Horizon Europe Program.

Participating journalists will follow groundbreaking research projects and collaborate with leading scientists across various scientific fields. The Greek Research Center for Biomedical Sciences “Alexander Fleming” has recently been included in the database of research institutions hosting these journalists.

Since its founding in 1998 in Vari, the Biomedical Sciences Research Center “Alexander Fleming” has become a hub of excellence in biomedical research, recognized for its creativity and innovation. It frequently ranks at the top in national evaluations, contributing significantly to global research advancements.

Notably, out of 20 researchers at BSRC “Alexander Fleming”, 5 have received prestigious ERC funding – a significant achievement at both the Greek and European levels. Some have even secured multiple ERC Grants.

Despite its low profile, the center is widely recognized for its scientific and research expertise, particularly in modeling human diseases in experimental organisms to understand molecular mechanisms and develop new treatments. For example, its researchers developed the first model for rheumatoid arthritis, which led to the creation of “anti-TNF” pharmaceuticals, now best-sellers worldwide.

The FRONTIERS project, running from 2023 to 2027, will support up to 40 science journalists, offering them the opportunity to collaborate with research teams and develop their own ideas at selected research institutions across Europe.

This is the first time a Greek research center, specifically the BSRC “Alexander Fleming”, has participated in a European project like FRONTIERS as a host for science journalists conducting cutting-edge research.

Dr. Georgios Skretas, the Director of the Bioinnovation Institute at BSRC “Alexander Fleming”, commented on their participation in the FRONTIERS initiative: “We aim to enhance our collaboration with the ERC to more effectively disseminate and communicate our scientific research results to the wider scientific community, industry, and society in Greece and abroad. Our goal is for citizens and industry to recognize the importance and contribution of scientific research to intellectual, technological, and economic development.”

The FRONTIERS program is open to science journalists worldwide, working in various media and at different stages of their careers.

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