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The currently available space already hosts Biomedcode Hellas SA and the Centre aims to further advance entrepreneurship and innovation through the creation of new spin-offs (4-5) and the establishment of R&D units of international industries wishing to exploit the research environment of Biotechnopolis. Biotechnopolis will also host large-scale Research Infrastructures, such as InfrafrontierGR and ΕLIXIR-GR, as well as the respective National nodes, in which BSRC Fleming is participating with a central role and which strategically serve the National and European Research Area. 

About Biotechnopolis

BSRC Fleming is pursuing its vision to transform excellent biomedical research to innovation in drug discovery & development further through the establishment of the first integrated Biotechnology hub in Greece and the wider region. This new national research & innovation infrastructure, termed “Biotechnopolis” (the “City of Biotechnology”), will foster the development of innovative biomedical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical products and technologies through the creation of a fertile environment offering access to excellent research, high-end infrastructures, and a culture of entrepreneurship in close proximity with academia. Beyond further developing the building infrastructures to support BSRC Fleming’s expanding research, Biotechnopolis will host additional Research Institutes and competitive research teams (10-12) in established and emerging areas of Biomedical research, as well as a biotechnology business cluster.


About Biotechnopolis

Those infrastructures and the high-level technological expertise and research services that they provide, will function as seeds of excellence and know-how to support top-level research and innovation activities in translational biomedical science, systems and synthetic biology. The project is particularly timely given the recent pandemic, which has made evident to the government and public authorities the need to develop & support biomedical research infrastructures. Additionally, Biotechnopolis will include a multi-disciplinary training and cultural center, which will address Science and Society topics Biotechnopolis, an Advanced Training Centre on state-of-the-art technologies and a Conference Centre.

Establishment of “Biotechnopolis”

The proposal for the establishment of “Biotechnopolis” has recently been favorably evaluated by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and has been included in the 6 selected projects, which the EIB will fund with the aim to support the improvement and expansion of R&D infrastructure of the top Greek Research Centers. The cost of about €40 million for the establishment of Biotechnopolis will be covered by the EIB and the Greek State (50% each). Furthermore, BSRC Fleming has secured an additional €17.8 million from the EU Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF) “Greece2.0”  for the upgrade and renovation of its current building and facilities, as well as for the purchasing of new state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation to enhance R&I capacity.