Career Development


Short-term scientific missions

Boost4Bio will arrange six short-term scientific missions (STSMs) with duration 2-4 months of PhD students and post-docs from the ERA Chair Team to the laboratories of collaborating institutions abroad.

Training and career development of Young Scientists

One of the main goals of Boost4Bio is to provide greatly improved scientific training and career development opportunities for young scientists in Greece and in Europe. It aims at promoting continuous training and transfer of knowledge from senior to young researchers and vice versa via organization trainings, workshops, summer schools, expert visits, short-term scientific missions and staff exchanges. Furthermore, the project will perform activities to empower young researchers and promote their career opportunities and leadership skills. Special emphasis will be put on the empowerment of female scientists. Finally, Boost4Bio will take measures to attract more talented international researchers from abroad and contribute to the reduction of the brain drain phenomenon from Greece. All training activities will be announced on the Boost4Bio website.


Seminars, Workshops and
Summer schools

To nurture the mentality of increasing focus on more applied research at BSRC Fleming, Boost4Bio will organize an institutional seminar series entitled “BSRC Fleming ERA Chair Sessions” consisting of at least 8 institutional seminars, in the framework of which the ERA Chair will be inviting highly accomplished investigators involved in applied research and innovators in the biotech industry from his network to present their research and share their experiences in innovation with BSRC Fleming investigators

Site visits

Boost4Bio will be organizing site visits to BSRC Fleming of six senior distinguished researchers with expertise in Biomolecular Engineering and Synthetic Biology.