Basic and applied Biomedical research

To further promote the integration of basic and applied Biomedical research at BSRC Fleming and to catalyze the synergistic relationship of the ERA Chair with the research priorities of the Center, in the framework of Boost4Bio, we will carry out three exploratory research projects with high innovation and translational potential.

All these projects are a result of a synergistic combination of expertise of the ERA Chair in biomolecular engineering and synthetic biology with that of BSRC Fleming investigators in the mechanisms underlying the targeted diseases and the use of relevant cellular and animal models for the validation of discovered molecules and their subsequent pre-clinical development.


BSRC Fleming is pursuing its vision to transform excellent biomedical research to innovation in drug discovery & development further through the establishment of the first integrated Biotechnology hub in Greece and the wider region. This new national research & innovation infrastructure, termed “Biotechnopolis” (the “City of Biotechnology”), will foster the development of innovative biomedical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical products and technologies through the creation of a fertile environment offering access to excellent research, high-end infrastructures, and a culture of entrepreneurship in close proximity with academia.

Networks and Synergies

Boost4Bio will be liaising with various academic institutions, private companies, policy makers and the wider society.

Boost4Bio has already established partnerships with other relevant National and European projects and research infrastructures so at to synergize with other complementary actions and initiatives to produce an outcome with a pan-European impact.